Anouk Talisman

Exquisitely personal, couture rings

Rings are very special adornments in that they’re the only jewelry a woman can see on herself without need of a mirror. They can be slipped on and off, turned. Touched and felt. Pressed against a cheekbone or thigh.

And they can mark rites of passage. Remembrances. For as many reasons as a woman might choose a tattoo for her flesh, she might also invite designer Anat Kaplan to sculpt for her a ring. A secret. An important personal story. Women seek Anat to commemorate the significant milestones in their lives – a first child or miscarriage, self-marriage or exotic travels, a spiritual journey, a death, love affair or break-up. Or maybe it’s as simple as a reminder to breathe. To whisper a personal mantra. To stay centered in difficult times.

To ensure the custom creations reflect the wearer’s essence and experience, Anat begins the process with a personal consultation. She develops a unique design that evokes a sentiment, aspiration, or occasion of importance to the client, then sculpts each original piece by hand to construct a beloved, signature piece for the owner’s collection.

Anouk Talisman Stacking Rings

“ Jewelry should be more than just beautiful – it should have meaning. I’d like my clients to feel connected to something timeless and valuable, especially within themselves. The creation of an Anouk Talisman piece is a journey for both me and the client, where we work together to distill the experience and translate it into evocative gems and metal, treasure realized. ”

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